2010 Meeting

The 2010 Western Forest Economists Annual Meeting took place on May 3-5, 2010, in Welches, Oregon at the Resort at the Mountain. Below are the meeting presentations sorted by author. 2010 Meeting Agenda

2010 Presentations:

Regional Impacts of a National Program for Forest Carbon Offset Sales
Darius Adams, Ralph Alig, Gregory Latta, Eric White

Timber in Southeast Alaska: Moving into an Uncertain Future
Susan J. Alexander

Stumpage Market Integration for National Forest Timber in the Western U.S.
Jean Daniels

Ecosystem services as a planning framework for management of public lands: the Deschutes National Forest project
Robert Deal, Nikola Smith, Jeff Kline, Dale Blahna, Tom Spies, Trista Patterson, John Allen, Cindy Glick

Carbon Market Development an Aggregator’s Perspective
David Ford

Expected Returns from Idaho’s Forested State Trust Lands
David Groeschl

The Expense of Biodiversity to Ranchers: Incorporating Opportunity Cost into Wolf Conservation Policy
Jane Harrison and Yohan Lee

Nancy Hirsch

Forestlands in the Trust Portfolio
Jordan Larson

Forest Carbon Models Used in Evolution of the Economic Impact of HR. 2452 and S. 1733
Greg Latta

Models to Improve the Effectiveness of Initial Attack on Wildland Fires
Mr. Yohan Lee* With Dr. H. J. Albers, Dr. J. S. Fried, and Dr. R. G. Haight

Returns to Forest Trust Lands: Oregon State Forests
Gary Lettman

Beyond Compliance: A Marketplace for Ecosystem Services
Bartholomew “Mac” Martin

Wolfgang Ortloff

What is a Carbon Credit?
John Perez-Garcia

The Economics of Mountain Pine Beetle Range Expansion and Control
Brian Peter

Real Options Valuation of Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in PNW
Stanislav Petrasek

Log Lengths and Cutting Patterns for Timber Valuation
Steve Pilkerton, John Sessions, and Loren Kellogg

Oregon’s Economic Outlook (and a peek at its neighbors)
Tom Potiowsky

Potenial for Fast-Growth Popular Plantations for Cellulosic Ethanol Production – A Life Style Approach
Catalin Ristea, Thomas Maness

The Human Dimensions of Forestry in the Pacific Northwest
William G. Robbins

WFE 2010
Guy Robertson

Effects of Renewable Energy Incentives on Forest Products Markets
Olaf Schwab

A Comparative Analysis of Canada’s Forest Sector Tax Competitiveness
Lili Sun, Brad Stennes and Cameron Stonestreet Presented by Alec McBeath

Ecosystem Service Markets: Potential and Pitfalls
Sara Vickerman

Non-employment Income in Rural Canadian Communities
Bill White, Milap Petigara, Mike Patriquin

Regional Land Use Conversion in the Context of Using Biomass for Energy
Eric M. White, Ralph J. Alig, Greg Latta, Darius Adams