2014 Meeting

The Western Forest Economists 49th Annual Meeting took place on May 18-20, 2014 in Missoula, Montana.

2014 Meeting Agenda

2014 Presentations:

A Data Driven System for Estimating Minimum Stump-to-Mill Costs for Forest Restoration
Robert Ahl, PhD and Keith Stockmann, PhD, Krista Gebert, Steve Brown, Renate Bush

Economic Evaluation of Alternative Wildfire Management Strategies
Kevin Barnett, Tyron J. Venn

Applications of Graph Theory to Optimize Wildlife Corridor Systems for Multiple Species: Grizzly Bear and Wolverines in the Northern Rockies
Bistra Dilkina, Claire Montgomery & Rachel Houtman, Carla Gomes & Roman Le Bras & Yexiang Xue, Michael Schwartz & Kevin McKelvey

Developing an Analytical Framework for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Forest Fuel Treatment Projects in Placer County, California
David Saah, Ph.D Timothy Robards, Ph.D. Tadashi Moody Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Max Moritz, Ph.D., Matt Hurteau, Ph.D., Jason Moghaddas, Thomas Buchholz, Ph.D.

Optimizing Timber and Carbon Revenue under Uncertainty – Tool Development for Large Property Owners
Thomas Buchholz, Charles Kerchner, John Gunn, William van Doren, David Saah

Risk Assesment and Economic Research Supporting US Wildfire Management
Dave Calkin, Co-authors: Matt Thompson, Mark Finney, Jessica Haas, and Alan Ager

Modeling Increased Supply and Emerging Technologies in the Forest Products Industry in the Pacific Northwest
Mindy Crandall, Darius Adams, Claire Montgomery

Developing Western Logging Costs as a Basis for Western Logging Cost Indices
Beth Dodson, Steve Hayes, Todd Morgan, Dale Greene, Shawn Baker

A Closer Look at Drought Conditions and Wildland Fire Suppression Expenditures in California
Charlotte Ham

The Influence of Incident Management Teams on Suppression Resource Use
Michael S. Hand, RMRS, Co-authors: Hari Katuwal, UMT College of Forestry, David E. Calkin, RMRS

Critical Habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species: How Should the Economic Costs be Evaluated?
Ted L. Helvoigt

Valuing Type and Scope of Conservation: A Meta-Analysis
Evan E. Hjerpe, Ph.D.

Quantifying Emissions Reductions for Ecosystem Restoration Projects in the BC Rocky Mountain Trench: Is Biomass Harvesting and Utilization the Answer?
Tom Hobby

The Effects of Information Framing on Willingness-to-pay for a Wildfire Management Program to Reduce Wildfire Risks in a Contingent Valuation Survey
Hari Katuwal, Tyron J. Venn, Travis Paveglio

Economic Sustainability: A Discussion on Indicators and Measures
Kawa Ng

Suppression Effectiveness for Large Wildland Fire Suppression Effort
Hari Katuwal

Leveraging Research In The Process Of Budgeting For Wildfire
Mark Lichtenstein

Economic Analysis Needs under the USFS 2012 Land Management Planning Rule
Karen Liu

Analyzing Fire Suppression Crew Production, Efficiency, and Composition on Large Wildland Fires
Kate Marcille

Analyzing Fire Suppression Crew Production, Efficiency, and Composition on Large Wildland Fires
Chelsea P. McIver

Ecosystem Services and their Contribution to Sustainability
Chris Miller and Kawa Ng

Benefits of Land Acquisitions: A Screening–level Analysis
Chris Miller and Kawa Ng (EMC); Vickey Eubank (TEAMS); and Nancy Parachini (Lands and Realty)

Cost of Forest Service Litigation: a Montana Case Study
Todd A. Morgan, CF

The Effect of Large Wildland Fires on Local Labor Markets: Empirical Evidence from the Western US
Max NielsenMax Nielsen-Pincus

Simulation of Residential Wildfire Risk for Flathead County, Montana
Tony Prato, University of Missouri, Travis Paveglio, University of Idaho, Tyron Venn, University of Montana, Keith Stockmann, USDA Forest Service

Timberland Appraisals and Fire Damages: Moonlight Fire Case Study
Mark Rasmussen

Putting the Puzzle Together: Frass
William E. Schlosser, Ph.D.

Financial Puzzle of Timber Price Predictions
William E. Schlosser, Ph.D.

Harvested Wood Product Carbon Storage Estimates for All Regions of the National Forest System from Inception to 2012
Keith Stockmann, Ph.D.

Characterizing Large Airtanker Use in U.S. Fire Management
Crystal Stonesifer, Matt Thompson, Dave Calkin, Chuck McHugh

Intervention on U.S. Bedroom Furniture Imports: Lessons and Challenges
Changyou Sun

SOFEW, ISFRE, WFE, and Beyond: Building Stronger Bonds among Forest Economists
Edwin Sun

Adapting to Climate Change – Reducing risk through diversity Examples for the Merritt TSA
Caren Dymond, Sinclair Tedder, Dave Spittlehouse, Brian Raymer, Kathy Hopkins, Katherine McCallion, Amy Law, James Sandland

Modeling fuel treatment impacts on Suppression Costs: Where are we?
Matthew P Thompson

Socio-Economic Evaluation of Thermal Energy Generated from Woody Biomass and Fossil Fuels
Tyron Venn, Daniel Loeffler, and Greg Jones

The Estimated Economic Contribution of National Forests and Grasslands to Local Communities

US West Coast Log/Lumber Export and its Implications
Xiaoping Zhou