2018 Presentations

2018 Meeting

The 2018 Western Forest Economists 53rd Annual Meeting took place June 3 to June 5, 2018 at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Washington.

2018 Presentations:

Infrastructure Investment to Promote Forest Restoration and Mitigate Fire Risk in Washington’s East Cascades
Tom Baribault, Ph.D., Mark Rasmussen, and Aaron Paul

The Effect of Price on the Financial Performance of Biofuel and Biochar Production Using Forest Biomass Feedstock
Robert Campbell, Nate Anderson, Helen Naughton, and Daren Daugaard

The Condition of Rural, Forest-based Communities Following Shocks
Mindy S. Crandall, Kathleen P. Bell, Darla K. Munroe, Anita T. Morzillo, and Chris R. Colocousis

The Economic Impact of Swiss Needle Cast in Coastal Washington
Jean M. Daniels, Andrew N. Gray, Amy C. Ramsey, and Dan Omdal

Impact of carbon valuation on optimal rotations in Douglas-fir
David Diaz

NEPA Project Cost and ESA Impact
Jarod Dunn

Timber Pricing in British Columbia
David Grypma

Forest Roads
Weikko S. Jaross

Appraisal Issues in the PNW: Valuation and Outlook Part 1 & Part 2
Richard LaMont

Reflections/Experiences in Forest Carbon Offset Markets
Greg Latta

Leveraging TPO Data to Characterize Timber Flow & Utilization
Kate C. Marcille and Chelsea P. McIver

Collaboration, County Payments and Community Well-Being
Chelsea P. McIver, Dennis R. Becker, and Karl Meyer

Forest Resource Sustainability for Climate Change Mitigation
Elaine Oneil

Producing Biochar as an Alternative to Open Burning: LCA, Logistical and Economic Considerations
Elaine Oneil

Evaluating the Probability of Wildfire Occurences in the United States
Raju Pokharel, Greg Latta, and Sara Ohrel

A Network Analysis to Identify Hotspots in Which Merchantability May Limit Forest Management Across the United States
Raju Pokharel, Greg Latta, and Chad Washington

Fertilizer: Response and Value Analysis
Warjone, Cohen, and Rise

Identifying Priority Forest Product Market Areas in Idaho
Chad Washington and Greg Latta