2009 Meeting

The 2009 Western Forest Economists Annual Meeting took place on May 4-6, 2009, in Welches, Oregon at the Resort at the Mountain. Below are the meeting presentations sorted by author.

2009 Meeting Agenda

2009 Presentations:

The Impacts of Changes in Federal Timber Harvest on Forest Carbon Sequestration in Western Oregon
Darius M. Adams and Eun Ho Im

Darius Adams and Greg Latta

Harvest, Value and Consumption of Nontimber Forest products in the US
Susan J. Alexander

U.S. LUC Analyses in RPA National Assessments and Interfaces with the Forest and Agriculture Sector Optimization Model-Green House Gases (FASOMGHG)—Linkages Across the Land Base
Ralph J. Alig

Timber Industry Outlook – Now and into the Future
Phil Aust

Recession and the Forest Products Sector: Learning to Live With Reduced Expectations
Keith Balter

Frontiers in Data
Jean Daniels & Deb Warren

Twenty Years After the Velvet Revolution: Possibilities for Solving Problems of Czech Forest Management
Roman Dudik

Timber and Timberland Taxes in Washington State
John Ehrenreich

Forestry’s Role in World Business Council for Sustainable Development Vision 2050
Bob Ewing

What Could Recovery Look Like?
Bruce P. Glass

Western Oregon Plan Revision – Impact Modeling Issues
Dan Green

Potential Forest Sector Impacts of Climate Change on Douglas-fir Forests of the United States Pacific Northwest
Greg Latta, Darius Adams, Temesgen H., and  Barrett, T.

Life Cycle Inventories and Assessment for Wood Products & Biofuels
Bruce Lippke

Wood Energy and the Role of Government Policy
Thomas Maness

Solving a Few Direct Effects Problems
Charley McKetta

2009 WFE Meeting
Lynn Michaelis

Optimal Forest Fire Fuel Management And Timber Harvest In The Face Of Endogenous Spatial Risk The Next Step
Claire Montgomery

Implications of Expanding Bioenergy Production From Wood in BC: An Application of a Regional Wood Fibre Allocation Model
Brad Stennes, Kurt Niquidet, Kees van Kooten

Inland West Carbon Accounting: fire, climate, product substitution, & policy are all important
Elaine Oneil PhD

Oregon Forestland Tax Programs
Pam Overhulser

Chasing Forest Carbon Credits Does it pencil out?
Mark Rasmussen

Socio-Economic Impacts BLM Western Oregon Plan Revision
Mark Rasmussen, Charlie McKetta, Dan Green, Darius Adams, Greg Latta

Guy Robertson

Carbon Optimization in a Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic
Kelly Sherman

Changing the forest sector modeling tools in Norway: From static to dynamic optimization
Hanne K. Sjølie

Can we evaluate the sustainability of socio-economic benefits from forests?
Ken Skog

Valuation of Washington DNR Timber Harvest Contracts under Price Uncertainty A Real Options Approach
Stanislav Petrasek

Biological Carbon Uptake and Carbon Sinks: Role of Forests
G. Cornelis van Kooten

Forest Dependent Communities in Canada: 2006 Update
Bill White