2007 Meeting

The 2007 Western Forest Economists Annual Meeting took place on May 7-9, 2007, in Welches, Oregon at the Resort at the Mountain. Below are the meeting presentations sorted by author.

2007 Meeting Agenda

2007 Presentations:

Outlook for Coastal Stumpage Prices
Phil Aust

Market Impacts from BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic: Current and Future
Bryan Bogdanski

Public and Private Wildfire Risk Management: Spatial and Strategic Interaction
Gwen Busby, H.J. Albers, Claire Montgomery

Large Wood Recruitment: Effects of Different Regulatory Approaches on Outcomes in Riparian Areas
Mike Cafferata

The Dynamics and Impacts of Softwood Lumber Trade for the US: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Dr. Ivan Eastin

Influences of HBU on Forest Land Conversion in Washington State
Ara Erickson

Freres and Evergreen Biomass Co-Generation Wood Products Co-Generation Fire Program Analysis from an ambitious mandate a complex modeling framework emerges
Jeremy S. Fried

When IMPLAN Can’t Cut It Modeling the WOPR
Dan Green

Economic Implications of Renewed Timber Harvesting on a Federal Forest in Western Oregon
Ted L. Helvoigt

Cost Benefit Analysis of Wild land Urban Interface Operations in the Southern Interior of British Columbia
Tom Hobby

Making forest restoration work for nature and people
Russell Hoeflich

The Impacts of Changes in Federal Timber Harvest on Forest Carbon Sequestration and Log Markets in Western Oregon
Eun Ho Im, Darius M. Adams, Greg S. Latta

Measure 37 and the Economic Illusions of Takings
William Jaeger

Idaho’s State Lands: Establishing an Asset Value
Jay O’Laughlin

Oregon Forest Industry: A look at Utilization
Charles E. Keegan

Spatial factors influencing large wild land fire expenditures
Jingjing Liang

The Future of Washington’s Forests
Craig Partridge, Brian Boyle

Biomass Energy & Biofuels from Oregon’s Forests: The 2006 OFRI Biomass Study
Roger Lord

Building the ECON Extension –Functionality and Lessons Learned
Fred C. Martin

2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement: History & Overview
Lois McNabb

Softwood Lumber Agreement II: déjà vu all over again?
Harry Nelson

Eastern Washington Timber Supply
Elaine Oneil

Economics and Competitiveness Changes
John Perez-Garcia

State Trust Lands: What We’ve Learned
John Perez-Garcia and Bruce Lippke

Mountain Pine Beetle Salvage Harvesting and Reforestation in British Columbia
Brian Peter and Bryan Bogdanski

Should the State of Oregon Sell the Elliott State Forest?
Bob Ragon

The Value of Environmental Amenities Implied by NeoClassical Economic Growth Theory
Ronald P. Raunikar and Joseph Buongiorno

Innovations in Log Transportation
John Sessions

Timber Supply Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) in British Columbia, Canada
Kelly Sherman

Nonstationarity, Autocorrelation, and Collinearity in Modeling Forest Products Markets
Nianfu Song and Sun Joseph Chang

The 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement – Blunder or Diabolical Trap?
Henry Spelter

Oregon’s Measure 37
Bob Stacey

MPB Supply Side Implications
Brad Stennes

Results from a Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Preventive Mitigation Options for the Wildland Urban Interface
Keith D. Stockmann, PhD

Growing High Value Wood in a Global Market
Dave Walters

Does Monopolistic Competition Explain the Intra-industry Trade of Forest Products
Sijia Zhang and Joseph Buongiorno

Long-term Impacts of Diameter Caps on Douglas-fir/western hemlock forests
Mo Zhou, Joseph Buongiorno, Jingjing Liang