2023 Presentations

The 2023 Western Forest Economists 57th Annual Meeting  took place September 28th to September 29th at Oregon State University’s Portland Center in Portland, Oregon.

2023 Presentations:

New USDA and Updated USFS Harvested Wood Product Carbon Stocks and Flux Estimation Tools 
Keith Stockmann

Does a Decrease in Forest Harvesting Cause Substitution of Higher Global Warming Products: An Empirical Study
Doug Hopwood

Yosemite Clean Energy Biomass-to-Hydrogen: Using Waste Forest Biomass to Produce Carbon Negative Green Hydrogen
Tom Hobby

Economic Impact of Southeast Alaska Sustainability Strategy Investments: 2022
Jean Daniels

A New Transaction Evidence Timber Appraisal Model for Montana
Samuel Scott

Environmental and Economic Impact of Export Oriented Residual Biomass Pellet Trade Between the PNW and Japan
Hemalatha Velappan

Optimal Forest Management for Interdependent Products: A Nested Dynamic Bioeconomic Model
Tong Wu

Prescribed Fires as a Climate Adaptation Tool: An Econometric Analysis
Dave Lewis

Preventing Embers: How a Strategic Harvest Expansion and Thinning Program Can Spur Rural Economies and Reduce Fire Emissions in the Western US
Zoey Roberts

Evaluating the Economic Efficiency of Wildfire Fuel Reduction Treatments in Sagebrush Ecosystems that Vary in Ecological Resilience and Invasion Resistance
Thomas Bridges-Lyman

Migratory Species Movement Decisions Should Inform Development and Conservation Actions
Heidi Jo Albers

Heterogeneous Impacts of a Policy to Slow Deforestation in Paraguay
Marieke (Mari) Fenton

2023 Panel Presentations:

Taking Stock of the Forest Carbon Offset Market
Greg Latta

A New Look at Quantifying Leakage in Voluntary US Forest Carbon Offset Projects
Greg Latta

What’s Happening in BC: Or Everything You Need to Know in Three Charts (& some pictures)
Harry Nelson

High Level Overview of WA State Wood Products Industry
Indroneil Ganguly

Idaho: Forestry Topics and Economic Issues of Western Geographies
Greg Latta