2016 Meeting

2016 Meeting

The 2016 Western Forest Economists 51st Annual Meeting and took place May 3 to May 4, 2016 at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture.

2016 Meeting Agenda

2016 Presentations:

Potential Economic Impact of Biofuels Industry Expansion in Maine
James L. Anderson III, Mindy S. Crandall, Jonathan Rubin

Carbon Sequestration and the Optimal Forest Harvest Decision Under Alternative Baseline Policies
Patrick Asante

Willingness to Pay for Wood-based Cellulosic Biofuels among Washington and Oregon Communities
Nabin Baral, Stanley T. Asah and Sergey Rabotyagov

Tree Improvement and the Clone Adopion Decision: A Stochastic Simulation Model of Early Selection
Gwen Busby, PhD

Market Research on Michigan’s Forest Product Sectors: Contribution, Competitive Advantage and Structural Path Analyses
Stephen Cooke, Greg Alward, David Kay and Phil Watson

Local Labor Markets and Rural Youth Aspirations in Forest-Dependent Communities
Mindy S. Crandall, Ph.D. and Jessica E. Leahy, Ph.D. 

Log Export Statistics in Alaska: The Conversion Factor Problem
Jean M. Daniels, Ph.D.

The Tongass National Forest Timber Demand Analysis
Jean M. Daniels, PhD

Outlook for Asian Forest Products Markets: Logs, Lumber and Woodchips
Bob Flynn

Prioritizing Habitat Restoration for Endangered Salmon: Getting the Most Ban for Your Buck
Robby Fonner, Jon Honea, Jeff Jorgensen, Michelle McClure, Mark Plummer

Can Forest Health Restoration be Successful for California? A 40 Year BioSum Scenario That Could Work
Jeremy Fried, Sara Loreno, Benktesh Sharma, Carlin Starrs, Bill Stewart

Agricultural Afforestation for Carbon Sequestration Under Carbon Markets: Leakage Behavior from Regional Allowance Programs
David Haim, Eric White, Ralph Alig

Lost in Translation: Consequences of Mistaken Timber Volume Unit Conversation & How to Minimize Them
Neal Hart

Pacific Northwest Log Export Trends
Chuck Holland

Economic Growth, Technological Change, and the Global Demand for Newsprint: Implications for the US Industry
Craig M.T. Johnston

Bioenergy Production as an Alternative Dairy Manure Management Strategy
Janak Joshi, Jingjing Wang

Forest Carbon Offsets and Carbon Emissions Trading: Governance, Contracting and the Principal-Agent Problem
G Cornelius van Kooten

The Economic Sleuth: Tracking Carbon in British Columbia’s Forests(WFE2016)
G Cornelius van Kooten, Craig M.T. Johnston, and Baojing Sun

Evaluating Land Use and Forest Management Responses to a Potential Forest Carbon Offset Sales Program in Western Oregon
Greg Latta, Darius Adams, Kathleen Bell, Jeff Kline

Evaluation of avoided impacts of slash pile burning: a tool to improve fire management in the Pacific Northwest
Francesa Pierobon

Role of Environmental Trade Legislation in Curbing Use of Illegal Wood Use in China and Vietnam
Benjamin Roe, Ivan Eastin, Indroneil Ganguly, Cindy Chen 

The Willingness to Pay for a Certification Label and a Tribal Art Design of Native American Wooden Gift Products
Daisuke Satatani

Financial Puzzle of Timber Price Predictions
William E. Schlosser, Ph.D.

Timberland’s Financial Optimization: Financial Optimization Using the Date You Already Have
William E. Schlosser, Ph.D.

Forest-Based Carbon Offsets: Contract Duration, Enrollment, and Permanence
Matthew R. Sloggy and Greg S. Latta

Simulating Timber Harvests in a Changing Climate: An Integrated Approach
Matthew R. Sloggy, Andrew J. Plantinga, and Greg S. Latta

Economic Valuation of Carbon Sequestration in Semi-Arid Mediterranean Climates: An Ecosystem Services Application to Chaparral Landscapes in National Forests
Lorie Srivastava, Ph.D., Michael Hand, Ph.D., Cloé Garnache, Frank Lupi

A Tale of Two Forests Governing Fairytales and Pseudo-science in the Great Bear Rainforest
William L. Wagner, PhD, R.P.F.